jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Una carta para compartir...

Tiene mucho que no escribo. Tuve un verano de lo mas intenso y hay muchisimas cosas que pudiera compartir, que pudiera escribir. Y sí he escrito, sólo que no ha sido en el blog. Sino en cuadernos, en cartas, en hojas sueltas, en mi moleskine, en canciones. He enfocado mi escritura en otras cosas y no he pelado mucho a mi blog. Pero hoy escribí algo que tenía tiempo que quería escribir. Y aprovechando que tenía la mañana libre en el trabajo...pues les escribí. Es una carta a 7 personas que estimo mucho. Con ellos compartí uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida. Un viaje por mi tierra, por mi Baja California. Desde Tijuana, hasta Los Cabos. Ida y vuelta. En carro. Acampando en las playas. Un viaje verdaderamente espectacular.

Espectacular en cuanto a playas, desiertos, salinas, el cielo, la comida, paisajes. Pero también espectacular en cuanto al grupo de amigos que formamos. Éramos 8. Francia, España, Noruega y México.

Les comparto la carta que les escribí y espero pronto retomar mi blog.


"Hello everybody!

How is everybody doing? I hope fine! Well, first of all I must apologize for not being so much in contact with most of you as I would like. I am now in Wisconsin, being here for about two weeks working at
www.oaklawnacademy.org It is a boarding school with students from ages 11 to 14. We have 150 now, and my job is pretty much to make the boys' experience at the school fun...there for, I have fun haha. And Also, I am in charge of all the trips...and as you have experienced first hand...I do love traveling, so...I am doing ok.

It seems like yesterday that I wrote an email thru facebook to all of you before you came to Tijuana. And I wondered how Espen, Torfinn, and Tara would be like, since I had only heard of them from Maria. And I wondered how Espen and Torfinn would get along with Mar since they would meet in Philadelphia and fly together to San Diego. And how Tara was going to cope with the fact that after coming from a 12 hour bus drive to Tijuana, she would have to do another long trip all night long in a car. That and many other questions. It does seem like yesterday, and now, almost two months have gone by since we started to explore Baja California.

And I know we all agree that we had a great time, a great experience, we now share many adventures and stories. That the chances of a group of 8 people, most of them perfect strangers to at least half of the others, would get along with no problem were very slim, and...well, we all did get along greatly. And I think that was the best part! It is safe to say that we have built the foundation of a friendship that will last a lifetime.

I can really see myself in 20 years talking to my kids about Torfinn and his " its fucking__________" (warm, hungry, beautiful, nice, drunk, etc) and after that ask if we were offended. About Espen and his magic boots, "are you talking to me..." and his multiple hair dues. Not to mention his most famous phrase "I dont need water, I DESPERATLY need water!". Mar and her gift to tell jokes. How happy she was when she found that HUGE Motel room with 4 KING size beds and air conditioning. And of course, the ever looking "eye" in her knee. Tara and her laughter, so contagious and so full of energy. She is one smily girl! And how she was able to capture such magical moments with her camera. And how she brought the "Dandy cowboys" song and to this day I still dream about it! Michel and her good vibe, always positive, despite having a sand storm blowing us away in the middle of the night. Maria, the actress, the muse, the lit up face when Dany with be on the phone because there was signal and...her love for beans! And of course, Jarquin, always with a guitar in one hand, a beer in the other and La Llorona crying out of his lungs. And many many many other things. You guys have given me so many stories to tell, and I love to tell stories.

I am very greatful for those 10 days I spent with you in the dessert, in the beach. The nights under the starts till the sun came out. All the songs we sung, the stories we told, the cooking, the camping, the unloading of the truck...and then the re loading of the truck. And of course...the filming...

Most of you dont know, but after our trip I did a two week trip down to Central Mexico to sort some things out. That one is now becoming a defining trip in my life...and I am still working on it. And I have had some very rough times...very very rough times. And you know what is one of the things that helps me feel better? You know what cheers me up and never fails....you guys! I just need to turn on the computer, and look at the pictures, look at the videos. And I re live those 10 days. And for those instants I am a happy man. It really is amazing! So, I have to thank you all for that. That is real friendship, the one that even through great distance...you dont feel alone...

Now only time will tell when the net one will be. Something tells we will have another one, and not only that, but we might add some of our other friends to the group, because a friendship like this one, is one you want to share...

I miss you all, I love you all,


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